Night Fighter Stealth Moth, Well that’s what i think it is !!!!!

Night fighter stealth Moth, Well that's what i think it is !!!!!

Night fighter stealth Moth, Well that’s what i think it is !!!!!

4 thoughts on “Night Fighter Stealth Moth, Well that’s what i think it is !!!!!

  1. Pandorus Sphinx Moth, i saved one in July 2009 from a storm. he/she dried out and flew away.
    Never saw one before until that day. Haven’t seen one since that day. Assume fairly rare sighting.

    • The Pandora sphinx moth (Eumorpha pandorus), also called the Pandorus Sphinx Moth is a North American moth in the Sphingidae family. It is a large, greenish gray moth with darker patches and pink edges and small pink eyespots. The underside is usually pale yellow-green or brown. It has a wingspan of 3¼–4½ inches (8.2–11.5 cm), females being slightly larger than males. Pandora sphinx moths fly during dusk. Some places see only one generation a year, while others see two.

      But how if a north american moth is it in a french garden ?

      • well it’s simple. The Phantom of The Opera was totally distraught but after viewing the movie ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’ – he got an idea. Climb something. And so he climbed the Eiffel Tower to jump off. As he jumped off,
        Aliens just happened to be flying by in their Flying Saucer (UFO). They took pity on the fool, and shot him with their shapeshifter gun. Unfortunately, it was stuck on ‘Pandora sphinx moth’ setting, which they normally reserve for Christine Eloise Mary Daaé and other blue meanies. They hit him as he fell to the earth in Ole Paree. He was saved being smashed like a bug from
        the impact, and flew away. His camouflage cape, which he reserves for very special occasions, became his wings – hence the funny markings of this moth.
        Then he landed in your garden. Yeah that’s the ticket! That’s the way it got there. Alternate ‘story’ upon request. Raised Vulcan eyebrow…

  2. Pandorus Sphinx Moth : Thank you so much for letting me know the name of this beautiful creature. Its all very well taking the photograph but it is so much better to be able to look up on the internet the facts about this moth, thank you again.

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